Finally found a use for my domain

by davidnielsen

I decided a long time ago to buy my own domain to get some degree of control over my email since various accounts of mine had gone boom over the years relying on free services. This was obviously before GMail came about which on the whole seems to work nicely for a lot of people.

Anyways, I figure I might as well take this time to finally do something constructive with my webspace and open up a blog. As some might know I dabble in usability, GNOME and Linux on the side of things like breathing and trying to make it through every day. So why not start up yet another blog in the probably millions of blogs out there at least mine will feature naked women… well actually it won’t but I have to say something to get people to come here and porn seems popular, therefore I swear on a stack of bibles that there will at some point be nakedness on this blog, if that attracts people to otherwise hopefully meaningful posts about how I think things should just work(tm).